Brooklynn Dean

  Max’s quandaries are rooted in the existential, of materialism and spirituality, of action and inaction, and, most importantly, of meaning and connection.

    Dean displays artful skill in developing her characters, and this novel’s greatest strengths show in their interactions. You’re drawn into Max’s journey and feel connections developing as more of the accompanying cast are explored and this elegantly conceived story unfolds. By the end, I was so thoroughly hooked by each character and desperate to learn even more about each in that very “No, I don’t want this to end yet!” kind of way.

   The story flowed impeccably and was fused with some truly memorable lines of description and dialogue; there were some vivid scenes so immersive I felt utterly stolen from reality - make sure you’re sitting comfortably!

--Luke, Amazon review of The Word of the Rock God


Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Award!

December 2020

The Word of the Rock God has received the Literary Titan Gold Award! Read their interview with Brooklynn to learn more about the story.