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Fiberglass Galaxy - Signed Copy

Fiberglass Galaxy - Signed Copy

To YOU! This signed copy of Fiberglass Galaxy can be personalized by Brooklynn. Simply note in the custom text field whose name she's signing if you would like it personalized.



Driven by her fear of simply ceasing to exist upon death, Sabrina Morgan spent her life in search of proof of something greater than the physical reality of being alive. Pushed to insomnia by visions of everyone's eventual decay, Sabrina finds her only solace in a strange, velvet galaxy in her ceiling. After ten years of just enjoying it, Sabrina decides it's time she understood it, and sets off on an adventure through history, art, writing, and ritual to uncover whatever secrets it may hold. Could this be the evidence of eternal life she's been seeking? Could it be proof of life outside her own planet? Could it be both? Or is it simply art? And, most importantly, will she be satisfied with the answer it provides? Perhaps some mysteries are better left unsolved.

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