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2288 - Signed Copy

2288 - Signed Copy

To YOU! This signed copy of 2288 can be personalized by Brooklynn. Simply note in the custom text field whose name she's signing if you would like it personalized.



Don't want. Don't think. Don't feel. After conquering multiple nations of the first, second, and third world, the Aftermath has eradicated war, violence, crime, and sin. Subsequently, self-expression and free will have been limited. Reigning for over two-hundred years, the Aftermath’s silent Leaders have split humanity into two groups— the Citizenship and the Elites. Citizenship Members are assigned Destinies and are monitored through Workforce chips and the ever-present scanning red, while Elites live in marble Metropolises and have only one duty in life: create art.Unbeknownst to both stations, the art created by Elites serves a greater purpose to the Aftermath than simply entertaining the Citizenship, and its Leaders monitor the influence fields of each Elite and each work done by them meticulously. But what happens when a Citizenship Member seeking individuality meets an Elite questioning her inspiration? Are they pursuing selfish desires or will they be the catalyst of change?

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