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Signed Anti-Gospels Set

Signed Anti-Gospels Set


To YOU! These signed copies of Deification and Grieving the Spirit can be personalized by Brooklynn. Simply note in the custom text field whose name she's signing if you would like to have it personalized.


Book I:

The sky has opened. Angels descend to earth in fiery fury. Some claim to have seen these creatures, others claim to have been touched by them. Those with psychic abilities find their gifts magnified by the spiritual presences rising from Hell and falling from Heaven. Yes, the end is near. Or is it the beginning? After a life of violence and crime, gang-leader Torrence provides meaning to her groups’ destructive endeavors through discovery of Conrad, a once-possessed orator of demonic doctrines. Destroying virtues for the sake of sin, Torrence leads her band of bad-boy brethren to murder, blood sacrifice, and supernatural ritual in an effort to restore her dark savior’s powers so the apocalypse can be an unholy paradise.


Book II:

Seven ritualistic killings have been done respectively by the Unholy Savior and the Awakener, restoring to each their hellish power.
 Violence and death ravish the land beneath the broken sky. The dead rise. The good are killed or converted. Divine spirits are captured, bound by Latin spells emblazoned upon their shackles.  The antichrist has risen, is ruling in Hell, and planning to conquer the world.
 But when a familiar angel wanders his way into the inferno, will he be added to the ranks of bound and tortured spirits, or will he be spared from Hell’s suffering by the demonically divine Torrence? And what does their reunion mean for the fate of Earth and the souls bound to it?

  • Pre-Order

    Please note: Grieving the Spirit is a pre-order item and will release on July 18, 2021. Both books in this order will ship together that week.

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