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Bexley Martin, graphic novelist and nihilist, feels nothing matters in a world of fake art and false gods. When her friend, Bridget, drags her to yet another concert, Bexley befriends the bartender and chases her disinterest in everything around her with enough booze to knock her out. When the opening act clears the stage, when the next band walks onto it, Bexley hears a voice unlike the others. She sees art, passion, and truth-- something real in a world of falsehoods-- all flowing freely from the vocal chords of a confusing purple-haired man donned in black leather and chains. The Amethyst Alien stirs something inside Bexley, and she unwittingly trades apathy for obsession in this psychological commentary of intrigue, compulsion, detachment, art, temptation, choice, and a touch of Ketamine.

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